Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food, Inc

I just got back from watching the film Food, Inc and I must say I hope millions of folks go out and watch this film and after you watch this film I hope you take part in doing something about the food industry. In the film the producers made some suggestions on what you can do to take part in changing the policies of the food industry. And remember as pointed out in the film, the tobacco industry changed because consumers demanded it, so can the food industry.

Here are some ideas

1. Plant a garden
2. Buy locally produced food
3. Support businesses that are honest about their food handling and manufacturing practices
4. If you say grace, ask for food that will sustain us (I love this one!)
5. Demand better food from your school boards at your children's schools (I equally love this one!)
6. Support your farmer's markets and also make sure that they accept food stamps (Very important)
7. Buy organic
8. Learn how to read food labels
9. Demand better food safety laws from your Congressmen and women
10. Support businesses that protect animals, workers, and the planet

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