Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here's my universal health care plan.... What's yours?

Eating raw and living fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, and vegetables.
Drinking coconut water.
Hiking with friends
Smiling at strangers
Laughing with family
Cuddling, snuggling, poking, being silly
Sleeping as long as I want
Playing with my niece
Walking in the morning
Sitting in the sun
Going to the beach
Sweating in the Spa
Drinking green juices
Writing and blogging
Staying away from doctors especially the ones who want to look between your legs every year
Doing the grown folk
Hugging people
Screaming from time to time.......It feels good........You should try it
Shaking my belly
And doing whatever the hell I wanna do and not apologizing for it

What's your universal health care plan?

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