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Dr. Tarryn Tranquility Foster on raw foods, our DNA, healing holistically, and Mothering

I first met Dr .Tarryn Tranquility Foster, ND in 2006 at the Friar's Club on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. I was so intrigued by Dr. Foster as she was a young naturopathic doctor, a mother, a wife, and a woman of immeasurable strength. I've been a client of Tarryn's as she initiated me into the Munya Ki. The Munay-Ki are the nine rites of initiation in the Quechua tradition. You can read more information about this ancient initiation on her website at

Dr. Foster is a naturopathic doctor, wellness lifestyle coach, and inspirational speaker.

What I love about her work is her intutive way of facilitating her clients to wellness and greatness.

Enjoy the interview as Dr. Foster discusses the importance of raw foods in our diet, the relationship of food and our DNA, being a mommy, an entrepreneur, and a doctor.

NK: Could you please share with our readers a little bit about your background, your area of holistic healing and why it is so unique. Please include your educational background, any career highlights, teachers you have studied with etc?

Dr.TTF: I studied Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ, one of the four accredited Naturopathic Colleges in the United States. My connection to naturopathic medicine is the healing power of nature. Utilizing nature and non-toxic substances as a preventative measure to dis-ease, food as a healer, recognizing and embracing the mind-body-emotion connection and honoring our spiritual journey with regards to our healing is what makes my field of healthcare so unique. My clients have an opportunity to see how utilizing our intuition and understanding the effects of vibration/energy can keep us in a consistent state of healing vs. illness that can be avoided or reversed. Upon graduation I began my private practice, specializing in family medicine and specifically children. I have worked with people all over the country in-person or via long distance consultations.

My exciting career highlights include speaking to various groups about healthy lifestyles and helping them see that the key to a peaceful and healthy planet is how we teach, feed and provide natural healing, a green environment and holistic education for our children. My journey has helped me fully accept and embrace my role as an ambassador for the welfare of children in regards to holistic living.

Many of my teachers have been spiritual teachers who have helped me to perceive the key to complete healing is our balance between spirit and physical. I have studied with shamans, Native American medicine women and men, high priestesses, Yoruba chiefs and Christian healers. I integrate these teachings into my healing with my clients so that we always are seeking healing beneath the symptoms. We seek for the root cause and its vibrational and spiritual connection.

NK:How as an entrepreneur do you balance your life? You are a mother and an entrepreneur. What does balance look like for you on a regular basis and how would you encourage other women to balance their lives as well.

Dr.TTF: Balance for me is eating right first (a vegan diet) to keep up with the energy I need for my daily demands. Many mothers and women who are busy forget this key piece. And I meditate daily to keep my center and do yoga/strength training. Everything else is an easy extension of my ability to keep my priorities straight. Mothering isn’t the easiest every day so women have to take care of themselves so they can make their children or partners or work life a peaceful priority instead of a painful hassle.

NK: You are a naturopathic doctor? How did you decide on a career change like that as I know you used to work at a corporate job for years? What was the attraction to the holistic medical profession?

Dr.TTF: I used to work in a corporate environment as a Public Relations Executive with McDonald’s as one of my primary accounts. I also had other accounts focused on entertainment and health. I felt it was a natural transition for me as I was healing myself with holistic healthcare like acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic and eating right. I realized I needed to transition to the holistic healing field. I was giving people information through public relations and health education campaigns, but my calling was to be in a direct healing capacity with the people so I decided to leave my work life and return to Naturopathic medical school. It was the best and most awakening decision of my life… to pursue my true calling.

NK:Can you tell our readers what prompted you to write a book of poetry? And please tell us about the themes of the poems.

Dr.TTF: I have been writing poetry since I was nine years old and even completed a book in my early twenties. But I didn’t publish it. Finally I felt driven to give the poems that I felt called to share a place where others could read them. The book is called Spaces of Reality: Poetry in Motion for Those in Search of Truth. They focus on being true to Spirit and true to the self in every facet of the realty we create or perceive. It’s available through

NK: I have always felt like you were such a creative person. You paint, you make perfumes, you are also creative in the kitchen. How do you use your creativity in your profession?

Dr.TTF: I combine all these things into my healing work by making my own remedies for my clients, painting as a form of spiritual healing for some clients and teaching others how to be creative in their lives in order to heal dis-ease or imbalance. I believe cooking should also be creative, loving and fun because of the healing our food provides and the cook needs to increase its vibration with creativity. I especially enjoy teaching mothers the necessity of being creative with their children as a means of bonding and to help them with developing a more inward connection to the higher self as a way to express whatever is often unspoken, painful or joyful in our world.

NK:What upcoming projects are you working on now? What is your vision for your life?

Dr.TTF: I am working on creating an intentional community/healing center for our children and our parents. My vision for my life is certainly one of peace and unity. I desire to see a world where our children can be well cared for and live in peace and I desire to continue being a part of the awareness raising for our next generations.

NK: You delve into the mystic sciences, the intuitive a lot. Do you do this when working with your clients? How does that play out in your work? How does it play out in your personal life?

Dr.TTF: I don’t see a disconnection between healing and our intuitive being. I studied energetic medicine such as reiki, acupuncture, colorpuncture, pranic healing and bioenergetics while in and after medical school. I utilize the art and science of vibrational healing when diagnosing and providing care for clients along with conventional and holistic testing. I’m fully present to my intuitive self in my personal life and I tap into this side of my being as if there is no separation between me and the universe. We are one with the Divine and the less separation we keep the easier it is to navigate through this life game.

NK: What is on your plate today?

Dr.TTF: Couscous with roasted vegetables, green leaf salad with cilantro dressing I made and a green protein smoothie with chard and fruit.

NK:What are your favorite foods?

Dr.TTF: Mango, young Thai coconuts, Indian food, raw pies if it has coconut or lemon I’m in it and Thai food (vegan of course)

NK: Do you talk to your clients about eating a mostly raw foods diet? If so, why do you advocate for a raw foods diet? What benefits have you seen in your own life and in the lives of others?

Dr. TTF: I have been incorporating raw food into my diet for 15 years. I defiantly encourage my clients to adapt a raw food diet or at least take it into consideration because if its life giving benefits. Whether they are cleansing, trying to heal from dis-ease or attempting to increase their energy it is key in providing them with the necessary nutritional components not gotten from cooked foods.

NK:I'm very passionate about my life as a food activist so to speak and preserving the natural state of our food. I remember a while back, we were talking about DNA and food. You probably do not remember this conversation but what struck me was that you said something in reference to the fact that the food we are eating if we do not get our DNA to adapt to the food, we might not be able to survive. (I am probably not quoting you correctly so please excuse me, if you need more clarification on this question, just let me know) What are your views on the issues around food in terms of genetically modified foods, organic vs. conventional, etc? How does this relate to DNA?

DR. TTF: It is fundamental and of the highest priority that our foods remain in their natural state. This is why it is so key that we are provided with and continue to seek or grow our own organic foods. Genetically modified foods are not healthy for our bodies and they cause imbalances in the body that we are not even fully aware of yet. The body has to adapt to such nutrient-deficient substances and the impact as a result, as far as illness, is far reaching and unknown. I believe that our DNA is an energetic device that informs our bodies and minds about what is needed to enhance our well being and existence. It’s a barometer so to speak, so anytime we take in things that are further away from nature it is impacted negatively. Our cells mutate and so does our DNA based on what we do daily and eating has a key role in giving DNA its energy.

NK:People always ask me how can I change my eating habits. I always tell them it’s more than just learning how to eat properly because food carries memory. Some of our food is addictive. How can we change our eating habits? And can we shift our energy to shift our perspective on food? If so, how does this work?

Dr. TTF: Our eating habits begin with the will to be truthful within oneself about our attachment to food. Food isn’t usually looked at as a life-giving substance; instead it is seen as a giver to simply fill us up or save us from an emotional discomfort. Our eating habits are just like any other habit. It has to be dealt with at the root, the core or why we eat what we eat and what are we getting out of it. Energetically people are more easily able to overcome these attachments when they elevate their thinking. When anyone raises their energetic vibration through healing, meditation or cleansing etc., there is less desire to eat foods that provide very little energy, and there is a natural inclination to eat well and holistically.

Thanks Dr. Foster for sharing. For more information about Dr. Foster and to contact her, you can visit her website or contact her via email at

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