Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Raw conversation with British Actor Marcus Patrick

I love interviewing friends on my blog because they are the most fun. Enjoy this interview with actor Marcus Patrick. He needs no introduction as he's been on All My Children, Days of Our Lives, a host of movies including Love and other Four-letter words. He's now playing in a Jesus film as he terms it, but I first met Marcus Patrick when he came to my raw restaurant back in 2004.

He was fired up about raw foods as he still is. Its always nice to highlight people who are making this movement happen in their part of the world.

And for the guys who always tell me that they are afraid of eating raw foods because they don't want to lose weight, look at Marcus Patrick and he's 100% raw. Go figure.

Enjoy this raw conversation with Marcus Patrick

NK: First of all, how are you? The last time we spoke you were so passionate and energetic. I thought maybe you had just taken a superfood cocktail or something because I could feel your intensity over the phone. You got me fired up! I love how much you have evolved. What's new with you?

MP: I am very fired up with love. I am raw now 100% over one year and a half and on day 15 of a liquid diet cleanse. My body and spirit, feel amazing!!!

I also just got offered a role to Play "JESUS" of all people who taught raw food and cleansing and this film I about JESUS and those hidden teachings. This Is a God Send. I was On the Border of quitting Acting due to all the negative roles that are increasing and wanted to play in a positive film but there seemed to be little, UNTIL THIS!!!

NK: I remember how you used to always comment on how muscular I was and how you thought I worked out and I used to tell you that I eat lots of greens and drink a lot of coconuts. I have to admit sometimes you made me feel uncomfortable because I kept catching you looking at me. For the brothers out there, how do you eat a raw foods diet and keep the muscle on? What's the science behind it? Do you workout everyday?

MP: I'm sorry if I was making you feel uncomfortable, It was not an eye of Sexual curiosity, more an eye of study and Marveling over how a Woman could be so strong looking on no gym routine. I was new to Raw food at the time and was trying to analyze you, for my own science research. I believe I complimented you on How healthy and strong you looked. But I am aware I was looking at you almost like a scientist Ha!! Sorry...

I Keep my muscles easily, since raw food I work out once a week, My goal was to shed a Little bulk off, so some might think I lost some muscle going raw but it was my intention to get a little of that cooked bulk off my body, one can move better with out it. But if i want to Mass up for a Role, out come the Banana almond coconut shakes and the mass would be back in a week.

NK:What are your favorite foods?

MP: Currently I love Superfood soup, Greens and Seaweed on the top, but I always switch my favorites each week, I'm a big kid.

NK: What's on your plate today?

MP: I'm going to cleanse the liver beginning today with apple juice for 3 days.

NK: If you could be a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?

MP: A fruit with a Hard stone so I could always be replanted and Live On

NK: If you could be a vegetable what vegetable would you be and why?

MP: Maybe a Tomato vine so I can feed the people each year and still live to tell the story

NK: What artistically are you working on now?

MP: Getting ready for that JESUS film.

NK: You are a highly spiritual brother? Did this personal evolution come from eating a raw foods diet or were you always on this path? What have you learned? What has the path taught you?

MP: It was a Prayer that turned me Vegan and eventually raw, I know people think it's allot of discipline, but if you believe in God/The Universe and you pray, it just happens.

NK: Who do you admire?

MP: I admire many people, I try to take the Positive leafs from every person I meet. I admire you for your hard work in the world on Raw food.

NK: I have an excerpt in my book on raw foods and sex. Basically I just know that being healthy equals healthier relationships, a healthier mindset and therefore healthier and greater sex. What do you think?

MP: Yes I noticed that, I became more youthful and full of energy in all senses. I will add that my spirit will not allow me to connect sexually to a being that has toxicity in them any more. It's almost like the Body senses pick up that the person has unhealthy elements to connect with and so even if the lady is beautiful on the outer shell, One can perceive the sickness, of the bowel, liver and heart blockage.

NK: You travel a lot I'm sure. How is it traveling and maintaining your diet?

MP: It has been a challenge, but one can do it by using The Opportunity to Master cleanse with Lemonade that you can always find lemons if you pack the Maple syrup and Cayenne.
We always ate salads and fruits, took nuts everywhere. it was tougher than being in LA but if you plan ahead your fine.

NK: What do you seek the most, crave for, desire, hope for? Feel free to answer how you want.

MP: The true way we as humans can live in Harmony and follow the principals that create that reality, The Scriptures that JESUS left have this message so I am excited to do the film.

NK: What's your vision for the raw foods movement?

MP: I feel that the Beings that want health will find it. Those that don't unfortunately will end up perishing from disease. The stats are coming in. RAW FOOD MEANS LIFE!!!

NK: For my female readers, they want to know do you prefer your women "raw", "steamed", "roasted", or "fried" or maybe all the above, huh?

MP: I actually cannot fathom the thought of Kissing a Meat mouth. For pleasure anyways. As an actor I have had to kiss a few Meat mouths and one always can smell the last dinner festering down in the stomach. The two feet of Pipe that comes up from the stomach, basically air out the rotting flesh through the nostrils and one gets the picture. Not Pleasant. So Vegan girls get kisses

NK: What is the one dream that you would like to accomplish before you leave this body if you even believe that there is a physical death?

MP: I want to Levitate, then Fly. I'm reading all about How the Yogis accomplish this in India now.

NK: For someone just starting out with raw foods, what would you suggest to them?

MP: Ask questions Read books surf the web. Info is Key. Raw foodist are more pleasant by nature due to the self love they have and the lack of Toxic anger molecules from the flesh eaters, so ask them plenty of questions, they will help. I help anybody who makes a serious inquiry about it. I'm a Trainer and Get all my clients as Raw as I possibly can, some go 100% like me and they are the ones that get all the best results too.

NK: Do you find a lot of celebrities are now embracing raw foods and/or the green movement, if so who are they?

MP: I know Woody Harelson does and Demi More made a claim to it when She Lost all her weight for Charlie's Angels but I don't tend to keep up with the Celeb news, I'm sure they use the system for losing weight, there is no faster way to get rid of unwanted pounds and keep a healthy glow.

Love N Light

Marcus Patrick

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  1. Great interview Nwenna! Marcus is an excellent example for men of what raw can do for a body.
    Of course I was only looking at him for scientific purposes. (wink)


  2. I really enjoyed that interview, especially the "Meat Mouth" comment! I've always wondered about how 100% raw people view non-raw people. Marcus Patrick (WOW!) gives me even more reason to eat raw. 8-D

    Vicki B.

  3. Marcus,

    I am 49 yrs. old and ten years ago while staying at a raw foods institute I experienced levitation. For years I just thought it was an altered state of consciousness until my sister informed me that I actually did float off the ground about 3ft. Each time this happened the facilitators would gently push me back down to the ground. My sister witnessed the entire event but was too scared to talk about it. She actually thought I knew it happened but I didn't. I finally read the book "The Rainbow Diet" by Gabriel Cousins and this helped me to understand what had actually happened to me. I have a re-newed interest in maybe doing this again. I suggest you read "Spirtual Nutrition" by Gabriel Cousins and spend time at the "Optimum Health Institute" in San Diego. I'm going to write a book about my experience.