Saturday, October 3, 2009

Eat what you want to become...Buy the best raw foods book on the planet, The Goddess of Raw Foods available on

I eat beautiful gorgeous sexy food full of water, light and life. Celebrate Vegetarian Month and give the animals a break!

You want to become light, eat food that carries light.

You want to become rich, eat rich food.

You want to embody love, eat food that carries love. Eat food made with love. Eat food that comes straight from source!

You want to become abundant, eat food that is abundant in nature.

Celebrate yourself this month. Honor yourself this month. Honor the planet. Honor your body. Honor the food that nourishes your body.

I have simple easy recipes and lots of nutritional information in my book, The Goddess of Raw Foods. Give yourself and your body a gift this month. Take care of your body and make your health your #1 priority.

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