Thursday, October 1, 2009

World Vegetarian Day! 10,000 Reasons to Not Eat Meat

Tell us what's on your plate today? Post a photo of what's on your plate on our blog.

And tell us why you are not eating meat today or for the rest of your life.

In my book, The Goddess of Raw Foods, I have a quote by Mahatma Gandhi that first turned me into a vegetarian when I was only 14 years old.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

October is World Vegetarian Awareness Month. Can you think of 10,000 reasons to not eat meat this month? Can you not eat meat for the next 31 days? What's on your plate today? Share with us your thoughts.

My #1 reason for not eating meat is because vegetables and fruits taste SO DAMN GOOD!!!


  1. The joy of being resurrected mentally, nutritionally, physically is absolutely wonderful. My first trip to Central Market here is Dallas, Texas on Lovers Lane was a wealthy lifestyle changing experience.

    My two sons started talking about eating green raw veggie's and fresh organic fruits that caught my attention. They went on talking about the natural seeds not tampered with by man.

    When they stopped drinking soda, I said, "OK" what is up with this kale? They lost weight right before my very eyes.

    I went to the computer to learn more about Lacinto Kale and all the healthy benefits. I love the taste of raw kale in my salads, and eating a leaf before I retire for bed.

    Some people take a pill, I eat a leaf of raw kale and I wake up feeling blessed by a resource from nature. Exploring the benefits of dark green veggies and a garden of certified organic fruits.

    I wanted to know what made the apple so healthy, I learned it is the pectin that works well for the body.

    But learning about the foods we love to eat that clog the arteries was my turning point. I was instructed to give up salt, but then I learned about the pure pink crystal salt from Himalaya.

    Now, I hope to purchase me a juicer, and I hope you market and cell your very own juicer. In this resurrection I am retraining my mental garden, my intimate circle and expanding outside of the box of a toxic mindset and lifestyle.

    Genesis 1:29 (First mention for good health)
    Revelation 22:2 (Leaves of the tree - healing of the nations)

    I'm not sure of your style concerning fish, but Jesus ate and fed others fish:

    Luke 24:42
    John 21:19
    John 21:15
    Matthew 14:9
    Matthew 15:34
    Matthew 15:36

    I need to purchase your book to secure a proper weekly and daily menu. My first test came late last evening, I had to smell fresh fries, hamburgers and pass it up.

    It's so easy to reach for the quick and omit thinking of the toxins. I feast on those things you provide until I secure a copy of your book.

    You have a wealth of information and help for many. How do you wake up America to break bad habits! Your book and information would be great for the Health Reform and I hope President Barack H. Obama and his administration will revise the Health Plan Reform with a prerequisite of eating and living wellness.

    Everyone might not be able to give up meats and , fish but learning and knowledge in the public and private schools from Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High, High School and Freshman year in college and Senior Year - there should be a mandatory class.

    I am loving the resurrected eating habits. I will research the fish: Talipia and Sockeye Salmon wild caught cold water fish.

    You must be having a blast? I remember how great my size 5/6 and having lean muscle and a soft toned body. It felt great, and now for certain my vital organs and arteries are probably having a celebration party saying, It's about time and thank you for thinking of us and not only your palette/palate.

    If I can make it through this month of October/2009-come November 6 (The School Reunion Homecoming Game) and November 7 (The All School Year Reunion at Sheraton Dallas - Downtown), I know I can regain my 5/6 dress size.

    This Is Great!

  2. Oh, I had on my plate today, fresh kale, Italian parsley, Red Apple, Red Grapes, Whole Almonds and one Carrot. I am proud of me today! I will see what happens

  3. Whoah I love it Queen Linda! Size 5/6 dress, you can do it girl! My book has wonderful simple recipes for you to try. And kale is one of my favorite foods.