Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Food Addictions & Cravings That Drive You Crazy

Most of us will have food addictions and cravings that are not so healthy for our bodies, however if we can minimize them, take the stick out of our asses and get over it, tell them the truth about it, and deal with them, we could actually heal them in a much lighter way. Some of us are afraid to even tell the truth about what we crave. One of my vegetarian clients just revealed to me that she still has cravings for bacon. I had to laugh and just tell him thank you for telling me the truth.

Here are some common food addictions and food cravings that we have, what they mean, and what you can do about them.

The Bread/Pasta Addiction/Craving
The Metaphysical Meaning
Having bread and pasta addictions from a metaphysical sense means that you are spiritually empty. We use food as a filler for being spiritually empty. Work on your spiritual practices. Fill yourself up with meditation, prayers, and writing gratitude lists. Get present to being empty. Enroll a prayer partner and become a prayer warrior.

Food substitutions - whole grain or wheat pasta and vegetable pastas like zucchini, jicama, beets, carrots, various forms of squash. (You need a spiralizer to make these vegetable pastas). For bread try Manna Bread which is readily available in Whole foods and health food stores.

The Sugar Addiction/Craving
The Metaphysical Meaning
You are missing the sweetness in life. You probably do not have much joy in your life and you probably do not deal with stress too well. Focus on what activity can you do right now that doesn't cost any money or require a lot of time that would feed your joy right NOW. It could be watching a funny movie, talking to a funny friend, watching a goofy YouTube video, or hula hooping with a child.

Food substitutions - agave nectar, maple syrup, honey, stevia, yacon syrup, lucuma powder, and sweet fruits

The Salt Addiction/Craving

The Metaphysical Meaning
You are undernourished and you probably have a feeling of being unappreciated. Craving salt can also mean that you have a thyroid disorder which stems from a mineral deficiency as most table salt lacks minerals. Minerals are in the soil, in the earth and the earth does what for us, She gives, she nurtures, she nourishes us with everything our bodies, minds, and spirits need. So craving salt could mean that you are craving nourishment for your body, mind, and spirit so ask yourself what would nourish you? Reading a book, writing a poem, praying, spending time with family members, etc.

Food substitutions - seaweed, iodine supplements, celtic sea salt, himalayan sea salt, herbamare, etc.

The best thing you can do for food addictions is to detox and cleanse the body regularly by doing herbal detoxes, raw food detoxes, vegetable juice cleanses, etc. The more you cleanse and empty the body, the mind, and the spirit the more you will see how you start to crave the spiritually fulfilling, sweet, yet good salty foods in life and you won't miss the breads, pastas, and artificial sugar and salt.

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