Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How important is it that my mate eats raw, or is vegan or vegetarian?

Recently I got an email from a woman concerned whether or not her relationship with her boyfriend can or will last as she adopts a more vegan and raw foods diet as she says that he (the boyfriend) eats a lot of meat especially red meat and fried foods and highly desires to continue to eat meat.

As I've journeyed through this experience of having a vibrant high energy diet full of live foods and juices, I've come to the realization that everything else in my life and reality must adhere to those same principles so I've noticed that personally everyone especially my mate must as well have a similar diet and thus a similar mindset. I say this for a number of reasons. One being as though most people who eat meat and who eat a lot of meat have what I call a meat mindset in which they cannot foresee eating a plate of food without some form of animal indigestible protein which is a problem because that means they are not open-minded and therefore blocked in some ways. They also probably struggle with other ares of their life such as self-worth as a diet full of a lot of flesh foods and especially fried foods is the #1 cause of most preventable diseases. So if you are eating to live and he is eating to die, these are two energies working against each other.

This could cause problems in your relationship as you continue to grow on this path as you will notice if you continue this journey that eating a mostly live foods diet naturally lends itself to opening up the mind, body, and spirit to higher levels of spiritual ascension. This opening up could lend itself to so many forms and possibilities that you may not be aware of or even prepared for. If you study any of the greatest teachers of humanity throughout history, you will understand that the way to ascension was through the physical vessel in which they knew the body had to operate at its most vibrant and radiant energetic level as possible meaning that a vibrant diet and fasting and cleansing was key to achieving this outcome.

As you grow and journey, you will notice that your entire life will change. Your friends will change, your priorities will change, your career may even change, your finances may change, the places you visit may change, the movies you choose to watch may change, your language may change, and especially your programming,and therefore your mate may even change.

On a personal note, I do know of many couples where one person is vegetarian or vegan and the other is not, but the one person who is not vegetarian or vegan is also very open-minded as to his or her food choices and they have a high level of respect and even admiration for the other person who chooses not to eat flesh foods. On another note, I know of some couples where one person eats meat and the other person doesn't and there is always conflict when going to social events or out to dinner as the other person who eats meat will either make comments about his or her diet or make fun of them. This is extremely disrespectful and a waste of one's time and energy as the person who is making fun of the other person is not taking into consideration that his or her mate really values his or her health.

If you want to keep your relationship and also keep true to yourself with learning how to eat better, the best thing to do is to focus on you and what your mind, body, and spirit needs. He is not the last man on earth and he may actually see how you may change and want to change his diet as well or he may not. Either way is not wrong or right. Change is inevitable and consistent and its always working on your side.


  1. Thanks for this balanced perspective, Nwenna. My husband happily joined my vegetarian diet when we were first co-habitating. Then, he became so ill and lost weight he could ill afford to lose. Finally, we realized his body just couldn't manage my diet. Everything has been smooth sailing for 14 years now. We respect each other's diets and the diets of our friends. Our gatherings are often vegan or vegetarian or mixed. We've found a way to be respectful of everyone's choices. I think this is what makes our home so happy.

  2. thanks for the great post...i always thought it didn't matter if my partner ate the same way i do but now i am finding that i care deeply about this issue. at the least, it upsets me that he doesn't care to try to be healthy (and having unhealthy choices around the house leads inevitably to my eating it as well), and at the worst, if he chooses to eat meat i feel anger & sadness, and begin to question our alliance if he does not care about animal suffering as much as i do. so, pairing with someone on the same path turns out to be important, after all.