Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Stay Eating Raw

Eating raw is a lifestyle and not just a diet and over the ten years that I have gone back and forth and back and forth with eating raw, the one lesson that I've learned is to not limit myself or put pressure on myself on staying 100% raw. As long as I eat healthy and consume a diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains which is what I believe to be a healthy and balanced diet, I consider this to be a way of life for me as life has its ups and downs and its challenges, blessings, and opportunities for growth, change, and renewal, as human beings sometimes we just change our minds about life and I've come to learn that that is ok.

With all of that said, some of you are wondering, well how can I eat more raw or stay focused on eating raw now and here are my tips and suggestions based on my own experiences.

- Surround yourself with a health conscious community. Enlist a friend, child, family member who also wants to eat more healthier. Having a buddy always make it easier.

- Embrace the diversity of a health conscious diet and define it for what it looks like for your life.

- Arm yourself with information, resources, books, online communities. Let it consume your life in a positive way.

- Carve out time for shopping and preparing food and make it a priority as your health should come before anything else.

-Get creative with recipes and diversify your kitchen staples so that your diet is one of surplus and abindance as opposed to lack.

- Have your favorite foods or staples on hand so that you can always grab it. I keep almond butter and raw tahini because I can make so many different recipes with these simple ingredients.

- Try eating raw one day out of the week.

- Don't beat yourself up when you slip up and have an Oreo cooking or something. When you've been eating one way for so many years, its hard to just stop and eat another way. Food has attachment to it.

- Limit eating out a lot and with friends who don't eat like you. This can be a great challenge as food is such a social activity in our culture but you have to keep in mind that you are changing your diet and ultimately your lifestyle so your friends and social activities are going to change as well. Welcome the transformation and the transition.

The revolution starts at the dinner table!

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