Monday, May 4, 2009

Let your cravings guide you

I know we all crave something, whether its our salt cravings or our sugar cravings or maybe we have cravings for something crunchy, or something more cheesy. Your cravings are the greatest insight into what your body needs in order to really thrive and be healthy. So when we try to curb our cravings instead of honoring them, we are actually ignoring what the body needs to balance itself.

My body craves salt because I have a thyroid condition in which my iodine levels are constantly low and since iodine is related to salt, I'm constantly craving salt. In my book, The Goddess of Raw Foods, I include an excerpt on Himalayan Sea Salt because we think that salt is so bad for us, but it really isn't.

Salt actually regulates the libido, promotes a healthy pH level in your cells, and it promotes good digestion.

So don't blame yourself when your craving chocolate or sweets, just try to reach for those organic natural sweeteners and chocolate because the body is just signaling the brain that it needs some balance hormonally. The key is when you are craving something to reach for the good salt and the good sugars instead of the processed ones.

Check out this website for more information about food cravings.

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