Saturday, May 23, 2009

Opening Doors

When I first got sick in my early twenties, I was devastated. I was so angry with God and myself because I felt like I'm young, I'm in college, I want to have fun, party and my body wasn't having it. That idea of what I thought being young and fun was closed for me. But another door was opening up for me that I didn't even realize.

While I was nursing myself back to health, I was learning and doing and living on purpose and guiding myself to my ultimate purpose of teaching others about their health and God was busy making it so easy for me by allowing me to have this very personal experience with my health so that I could share it with others and in turn of sharing my story with others, I am finding that I can make a great living from this.

And even though this is so much more than making money, although the money feels really good especially when you are making money from what you really love to do, its like God is making is so easy for you when you start to live on purpose and do exactly what you signed up to do.

It is really really magical when this happens.

Now looking back, I see how those doors that were slammed in my face were the doors that were supposed to be closed. They were the doors that my spirit really didn't call for anyway.

At first, when I first got sick, I hated the fact that my body couldn't digest ice cream anymore, couldn't stand fried food, couldn't digest meat. I couldn't drink myself to death anymore. My young self just wanted to fit in with everyone else and my spirit was busy readying myself to embrace its real purpose of learning how to eat properly and thus teach others as well.

So I've already declared that for me this is door knocking down season. And I'm thanking all those doors that were slammed in my face and now I'm focusing only on the ones that are opening up for me so that I can continue to do my work, share my vision, and help others get there as well.

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