Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Washington DC/Baltimore area Raw Foods Book Tour - Get ready!

When you are self-published author, you have to self-promote if your goals is to take those months of hard work, intense focus, and long hours of going through the process of putting together a book, and self-publishing it and allowing it to put some green in your pockets and even though I could complain about the fact that I wear many many hats in my business, I am actually overcome by joy from witnessing the many other gifts that I have.

And although I absolutely have no desire to keep doing this on my own and each day gets better as I learn little by little the many resources that I really do have, like for instance my Howard University friends who have offered to assist me, my Baltimore family on my dad's side who has offered to put together a class for me, and the many other friends who have offered a place for me to stay or to drive me around, I really wake up to the fact that I am not alone in this journey of self-actualization and self-realization, waking up the reality that we are powerful beyond belief.

And all of this I am getting from being guided by the power of raw foods. How amazing this journey really is!

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